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The communications regulatory framework requires the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority ("the Authority") to define relevant markets appropriate to national circumstances and to analyse these markets to ensure that regulation remains appropriate in the light of changing market conditions, otherwise known as market reviews.

On 10th April 2007, the Authority issued a national consultation on its market analysis for wholesale fixed markets (Public Consultation No. 02/07).

Having considered the views of all respondents to the Public Consultation ("the Consultation"), the Authority set out in a Statement (Document No. 14/07) its conclusions regarding the market analysis process including its Significant Market Power (SMP) obligations and subsequent notification to the European Commission and other NRAs in accordance with article 7 of the Framework Directive.

The Authority shall designate Gibtelecom as having SMP in the following wholesale fixed markets:

1.Call origination on the public telephone network at a fixed location in Gibraltar;

2.Call termination on individual public telephone networks provided at a fixed location in Gibraltar;

3.Wholesale (physical) network infrastructure access (including shared or fully unbundled access) at a fixed location in Gibraltar;

4.Wholesale broadband access; and

5.Wholesale terminating segments of leased lines, irrespective of the technology used to provide leased or dedicated capacity.


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