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The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) is responsible for the management of the civil radio spectrum in Gibraltar. The Government has asked the GRA to implement a measurement programme to ensure that emissions from cellular base stations do not exceed recommended guidelines.

GRA engineers measure the power density of transmissions in the various radio bands to be surveyed. The results, derived from electric field voltage measurements, are referenced to and presented alongside the relevant International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) recommended public maximum exposure levels.

Further explanation of the results and their context within ICNIRP guidelines can be provided by the GRA engineers at the time of the audit or by contacting the GRA.

Spectrum Planning and Development

An important aspect of proper Spectrum Management is Spectrum Planning and Development. The activities under Spectrum Planning and Development are as follows:

  • establishing regulations that govern the use of frequency by network facilities;
  • assigning and allocating frequency bands in accordance with international regulations;
  • developing Spectrum Marketing Plans;
  • participating in international forums and conference;
  • exchanging opinions and negotiating with other international organisations on frequency management; and implementing decisions adopted from these meetings.

Spectrum Authorisation involves the following:

  • authorising the use of specific frequency bands
  • establishing, installing network facilities such as Radiocommunication and transmission equipment
  • assigning call signs and MMSI numbers
  • granting appropriate assignment to ship and aircraft stations
  • updating information related to frequencies, location of network facility, transmitting powers, call signs and notification to the Radiocommunication Bureau (ITU) participating in the development plans and projects of all Radiocommunication services

Spectrum Monitoring and Inspection exercises are frequently conducted to ensure that frequencies are properly used. Monitoring and Inspection exercises include:

  • systematic inspection of network facility to ensure compliance with set technical standards and parameters
  • measuring of technical parameters or the emission of network facility
  • laying out of guidelines and procedures for radiation protection

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