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GRA helps the British Virgin Islands with specialist software and training on Ships' Radio Licensing

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) is to provide assistance to the Telecommunications Unit of the Government of the British Virgin Islands to establish a computerised database to handle Ships' Radio Licensing procedures which comply with the requirements of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Specialist software was developed by the GRA to provide an efficient system for issuing and administering Ships' Radio Licences and has been used in Gibraltar for three years.

The British Virgin Islands are in the process of becoming members of the Category I Red Ensign Group of the United Kingdom and United Kingdom dependency registers for ships and approached the GRA for help in modernising their Ships' Radio Licensing procedures.

The specialist software developed by the GRA stores and manages the data, prints the licence, maintains up-to-date information on all registered vessels with Global Maritime Distress Signal Service equipment on board, creates a copy of the Ship Station database in an ITU approved format which is used to update the ITU records by email, and contains a detailled history of each licence for auditing and accounting purposes.

Mr Joseph Torres, Assistant Regulatory Officer at the GRA, will be travelling to the British Virgin Islands next week to assess their specific needs and discuss in detail the requirements and functions of the database tailored to the BVI's own operation. The installation of the software and training of the staff of the Telecommunications Unit of the Government of the British Virgin Islands will be completed early next year.

4th November 2005

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